It’s that time again, where I have an itch to write and a lack of suitable space to scratch it.

Not really, though. It’s so easy to fall down the perfectionism road and waste hours trying to come up with a new blog name, something that encompasses everything whilst being relevant and not too specific at the same time.

Nevermind. Peace and Pollen will do just fine.

Vidanueva translates as ‘new life’. Two years after moving to Spain, perhaps it’s a little late to describe it as such, but as the village we now live in is called ‘Villanueva’ (new village) it seemed quite fitting to start a fresh blog post this way.

Villanueva from above

I’d like to keep more of an online diary here, documenting what we’ve been up to with some pictures and anecdotes. I might write things in retrospect as there’s been some great stuff in the past few years from workaway, volunteering, and travelling, etc which might be nice to share.

This time last year I was staying in a place called Santa Eulalia de Oscos, with a woman who I met serendipitously whilst hitchhiking on el Camino De Santiago. We stayed in touch as she told me about her life growing vegetables, making soaps and teaching weekend courses on how to be more in touch with nature – it all made me feel like I’d just met an older, wiser version of myself.

When Nik took ten days of total silence for a Vipassana meditation retreat in Avila, I knew this was the moment to reach out to Olga.

She and her family live in a small village of three houses made of stone and slate, waking up to beautiful pink sunrises and falling asleep to the sound of the wind in the trees. It was a joy to connect with the family and learn a little more about their lifestyle.


They have a website here showing a little of what’s to offer:

On one of my last days, I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of helping out with the beekeeping up on the mountain top. Iker & I suited up and worked in almost total silence, just before sunset, with only the sounds of buzzing creating a beautifully intense atmosphere. I felt love.

The bees were calm as we moved boxes around and used the wacky-looking bee smoker filled with a lit dry old cow pat. That was until the moment where we gave them a gift of honey to say thankyou for being co-operative, and they started to get angry. Iker was frustrated at this because it’s not good for the bees to get angry, less natural.

But still, we managed to get away unstung and hopefully the bees managed to get a fair share. As we drove back in silence I felt a warm serenity wash over me. It was a special experience.

Peace and Pollen

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