Last year I wrote a poem every month. For the first three it was coincidence, then when I realised I decided to try to write one for cada mes. It’s a nice way of reflecting, and writing without the thought of people seeing, and with the safety of the past.

You are invited to join the #poempermonth challenge this year, too! Please do.




It’s over now; I can see
Those snakes & arrows don’t suffocate me
Binding me into their planes of non-hell
Non-heaven, just a purgatory spell
Not here nor there
Simply being, everywhere
But not so simple, and quite complex
As I trek through this messy hex
Another cave, another lair
Will this one be it? I do despair
Until at last, no more I care
Then my jaded face sees it all there

I’ve found my place, post-limbo lair
My cottage filled with walls & air

I can breathe again, senses returned
Admit I must, lessons I’ve learned
To persevere, to maintain faith
To make yoga, bread, & meditate

That sometimes strength means walking away
That I’m free to go my own way

I can walk for days, hundreds of miles
My own two feet, just a bite to eat

I’m ready now, to roll the dice again
To reach into a further plane
Out of the holding space, into the air
Four elements, I fly: breathe fire, touch earth
And bathe into healing water



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