A photographic journey of what we’ve been up to recently…

Sleeping under the stars at Alba for Anna & Dave’s birthdays

Planing recyled horreo wood for our new kitchen counter tops

Hanging out with good friends after eating at a local restaurant

Creating structures in La Vega

Watching the corn grow

Mini greenhouses for the tomatoes and aubergines

Harvesting & plaiting onions

Walking through our home grown corn field


Harvesting potatoes and lettuce

Threshing mustard seeds

Successfully winnowed

First glut of courgettes

Homegrown meals: courgette curry & bombay potatoes

Feeling refreshed by the land

It’s been a mixed month.

We spent a few days camping by the coast with a good friend, chatting and eating lovely food and catching up after over a year without seeing each other. He showed us how to make some delicious tapioca pancakes that were made for him by his Brazilian friend.

After that we house-sat for a local couple whilst they had a few days in France. It involved looking after two adorable poodle-crosses and sitting in the sun or ambling around the local scenery. House sitting is my new favourite job!!

Even though we’ve had a lot of nice times, we were both feeling a bit lost as the market we’d been planning had to be cancelled due to COVID, and our flights to the UK were also cancelled for the same reasons.

With no future plans and still no markets, we felt purposeless and a bit down. But we had a rethink and decided to take the opportunity of having yet more time to re-do the kitchen.

Obviously, as we’re not earning, it will be on a tight budget, but we’re off to a great start with the free reclaimed chestnut planks that we got from a fallen down horreo near where Anna & Dave live. They’re probably over 100 years old and would have been left to rot or burnt if we hadn’t picked them up. In fact, the neighbours actually helped us to get them into the van.

After trolleying them down to our pueblo, we then carted them back up again a few weeks later to use A&D’s special machines. Nik & Dave took a full afternoon cutting and planing one of the planks, but it looks amazing and we’ll go back again soon to cut more and get into the rhythm of it.

Anna, Signe & I picked peas whilst chatting about life and I had that feeling of ‘this is how I want to live’. Our permaculture community feels to me stronger than ever as we help each other with day to day tasks as well as the bigger ones.

Nik & I found some second hand antique tiles on wallapop, and will go to pick them up soon. Then we would like to find an old porcelain sink of which there are many around here, but it might require a bit of searching.

Having this project makes us both feel better as we feel we’re working towards something. Maybe that’s the unshakeable push of capitalist society – always got to be producing, progressing.

Some day we’ll just do nothing, I’m sure, but for now I’m into the creation process and happy with it.

We’ve visited some more friends in the valley now that doing such is not limited, and it’s been great to start properly getting to know people who we hadn’t spent lots of time with before. This valley seems to attract such lovely and inspiring humans.

Our land is looking better than ever in La Vega, it’s almost completely full with pumpkin, beetroot, peppers, tomatoes, melon, aubergine, corn, beans, leeks and onions. We’re feeling quite proud of the progress we have made with it in just over a year, and going down there always makes us feel restored, calm and happy about what we are doing.

We’ve been able to eat a lot of our own produce, and would probably say it has been the easiest year yet as well as the most successful. The first year is always a lot of work, and we were learning so much so quickly, but with having the greenhouse for seedlings and already being armed with some knowledge, this year was a lot smoother.

The idea to go to South America prevails, but is postponed until travel becomes easier and we can save at least a little bit towards the journey.

I must admit I’m starting to crave having a cabin directly on the land where you can open the front door and step straight onto the earth, walk 2 minutes to your garden whilst barefoot, and hear nothing but the birds tweeting and the trees swishing.

The cabin would also be a bit bigger, with space for food storage and tools.

But maybe in a few years. It could be here or in SA or somewhere else…

Have you tried visualising your nest?

Just close your eyes and let your mind do the rest

Peace & Pollen x

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