I love jam. Everyone loves jam. Does anyone not like jam?

Whilst making jam is an amazing way to preserve fresh fruits, what bothers me about it is that it is usually FULL of sugar, so in that way a lot of the healthy benefits of the fruit are taken away as you consume it with a load of unneccessary sugar.

Personally, I would rather just enjoy the whole fruit, but it’s not always as easy as that when there’s an abundance of something and as hard as you try, you just cannot eat over one hundred figs in the same week.

Because of this, I tried making a sugar-free jam that is to be kept in the fridge and used over around a month. The sugar in normal jam is so that it lasts forever on the shelf, but if the plan is to eat it imminently anyway, why not skip the unhealthy part and head straight to the delicious, useable compote?

That’s what I did, and it worked out wonderfully.

There are just TWO ingredients, in our case both foraged thus FREE! But this recipe could be easily adapted to any fruit you find lying on the ground in autumn. Think apples, plums, pears, peaches and more.


A basket full of figs
Foraged plantain seeds (flaxseed or chia would work if you can’t find any plantain!)


You may need to start by foraging the items themselves. Figs can be picked off the tree when not quite ripe and left for a few days to soften up. Plantain seeds can be found and identified by the ribbed leaves and seedy stems

This is what you’re looking for!

Once you’ve found your plantain, you’ll need to strip the seeds from the stems using your finger and thumb, then lay them out to dry for a couple of hours. If you pick them when the seeds are already dry, skip this step and head straight to the jam-making.

Two Ingredient Sugar-Free Fig & Plantain Jam

Step 1.

Rinse your figs in a colander and place into a large pan on a medium heat

Step 2.

Using a wooden spoon, squidge down the figs so that they break apart and start releasing their natural juices

Step 3.

Continue on a low heat and stir intermittently for around half an hour, until the mix is mushy and the figs are broken apart

Step 4.

If you like a smooth jam, you could blitz at this stage, but I enjoy having chunks and texture within it

Step 5.

Turn off the heat and add your plantain seeds, I used about two or three large tablespoons for around 100 figs. The plantain works as a setting agent so that the jam has a more jam-like consistency than just boiled figs. As said in the ingredients list, if you can’t find plantain, chia or flaxseed will work in the exact same way

Step 6.

Pour your figgy mix into a clean glass jar whilst still hot, screw on the lid tightly and turn upside down until cool.

I’d recommending storing it in the fridge immediately and haven’t experimented with keeping it unopened outside of the fridge. It may work!

Delicious with cheese on toast

But you’ll probably want to try it straight away anyway, right?

Enjoy your healthy, free, foraged and delicious homeade jam!

Peace & Pollen x

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