Hens and garden

Life has become very chicken-orientated. The day begins by opening the coop, lifting the feeder to release soaked and fermented corn, and letting the hens run wild. It ends by gently encouraging two or three hens, though ideally all of them, back into the coop and lifting any remaining ones into their nest for the night. And of course, there’s everything in between. I’ve found … Continue reading Hens and garden

Following the Moon

It’s May, it’s hot, and we’re going to Portugal next week to meet my Mum. It’s already been a year since her last visit. Commitments and responsibilities increase with chickens and seedlings, but without a correlating decrease in time away from home. Last month we spent three days in Madrid, joining the start of the Extinction Rebellion protests on April 15th. Nik knew more about … Continue reading Following the Moon